Living Waters Art Exhibition

At VHLC 7th to 11th August 2021

Paintings that have occasionally

had pride of place at our Church

‘Australian Outback: December 25’
(Acrylic on Canvas 90 x 60cms)

This ‘mural’ is an enlarged detail of the painting ‘Australian Outback: December 25’ …an Australian interpretation of the Christmas story.  Christmas Day is when we celebrate the birth of God’s son, Jesus Christ, who came into the world to give us everlasting life

This work represents an Australian Christmas nativity scene using symbolism…

  • Of course, Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus
  • Figures dancing are celebrating the birth
  • The telegraph pole symbolizing Jesus’ crucifixion
  • The rabbit representing Easter celebrations
  • The lamb – Jesus the sacrificial lamb
  • The crow – representing evil in the world
  • The weather cock – Peter denied Jesus three times before the cock crowed
  • The Ghan train carrying the three wise men

Alison Halliday,  2019

‘Opal Fields on Paschal Moon’
(Acrylic on Canvas 90 x 60 cm)

EASTER is the story of God’s love to us, when he sent his son, Jesus Christ into the world, to give us everlasting life

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.  For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.

John 3:16,1 (ESV)

This work represents an Australian interpretation of the Easter story using symbolism…

  • The dead tree is Jesus’ cross
  • The lantern is the promise of His light to the world
  • The lamp is discarded, so there is no light in the dark mine, which represents Jesus’ time between His death and resurrection, visiting those who had died since the days of Noah
  • (1 Peter 3:20)
  • The entrance to the mine has been rent in two from top to bottom, as was the curtain to the Holy of Holies in the Temple
  • The miners represent the soldiers casting lots over Jesus’ garments
  • The miner holding the silver bag is a reminder of Judas Iscariot, Jesus’ betrayer
  • The pick is in place of the spear which wounded Jesus’ side
  • The triangular windlass symbolising the presence of the Holy Trinity
  • The crown of thorns with the two other crosses entwined
  • The reflection of the opal sky symbolising hope through Jesus’ death and resurrection
  • ‘Opal is the stone for true love and is a balm for the soul.’  (
  • The female figure represents the women at the cross and the empty tomb – He is risen!!!
  • ‘DANGER DEEP SHAFTS’ – a warning to man and his eternal destiny
  • The ‘noodlers’ too busy looking for their earthly treasures
  • The aboriginal representing his native land and that Christ died for all people on earth
  • The emus are inquisitive by nature and want to have a look!
  • The wedge tailed eagle – signifies hope …

‘But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.’  Isaiah 40:31

‘You yourselves have seen what I did to Egypt, and how I carried you on eagle’s wings and brought you to myself!’  Exodus 19:4

‘God likens himself to a mother eagle teaching her young to fly by soaring beneath, with wings spread to catch the faltering eaglet.  He doesn’t leave his children in a barren place to help themselves, while calling from afar…Rather, he flies only inches underneath and often rests them by bringing them to himself.’  (Brenda Quinn)

The opal sky filled with hope after the darkest day in history.

Alison Halliday,  2020

‘The First Fruits’
(Acrylic on Canvas 90 x 60 cm)

This painting is based on the International Gothic format from the unfinished, hand painted miniature works in the Book of Hours by the Limbourg brothers of Germany, from 1413-1416.  It is a very richly decorated book (‘Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry’ – The Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry) containing prayers to be said by the lay faithful at each of the canonical hours of the day.

The work represents an Australian Pentecost scene using symbolism…

  • The tree that was once dead which symbolised Jesus’ cross is now alive, but …
  • Its Autumn leaves are falling and representing the tongues of fire resting on the disciples
  • The lantern is now alight, fulfilling the promise of his light to the world
  • The figures are in national costume, speaking in their own native language
  • The foreground figures, including Peter, are looking out and telling us the good news, fulfilling Jesus’ prophecy at His ascension in Acts 1:8 ‘You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses … to the ends of the earth’
  • They are standing on the crown of thorns which reflects an opal light to represent the hope which comes through Jesus’ death.  ‘Opal is the stone for true love and is a balm for the soul.’  (  (See ‘Opal Fields on Paschal Moon’ – 2009)
  • The second crown of thorns is green and alive, holding the baptismal waters
  • The dancing figures are celebrating their joy in receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit
  • The lamb – Jesus the sacrificial lamb
  • The crow – representing evil in the world
  • The hand of God our creator stencilled on the stone from long ago
  • The Barramundi rock art – an early Christian symbol of an Australian fish to denote the traditional symbol of new life found through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • The weather cock – Peter (in the foreground preaching), but a reminder of his past denial of Jesus three times before the cock crowed
  • The building, the room where the disciples gathered, reminiscent of the hotel where Jesus was born (See ‘Australian Outback: December 25’ – 2007)
  • The kookaburra – not a dove but a happy, laughing Holy Spirit
  • The music in the wind – music is a universal language and speaks to all.  The notes are from the hymn, ‘All people that on earth do dwell’
  • The violent, strong wind of the Holy Spirit – as seen in the music and the distant wind farm
  • Jesus and ‘Everyman’ and his dog in the distance
  • The heavenly bodies – representing the southern hemisphere skies with the ‘Saucepan’, Southern Cross and the Milky Way
  • The bilby and magpie – native animals of Australia, instead of the zodiac signs of the months traditionally used in the Book of Hours
  • The bilby symbolizing Easter instead of the rabbit
  • The magpie carolling the coming of the Holy Spirit
  • The blood red moon before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord (Acts 2:20)
  • The unfinished calendar showing the usual Pentecost month of May – representing Jesus’ second coming

Alison Halliday 2013

More from our community…

Encounter Lutheran College May 27 2018, Ntaria NT Mission Trip
Over the past 24 hours our Ntaria travellers have experienced the Central Australian Women’s Aboriginal Choir singing during Sunday worship, 4WDing out in Palm Valley as well as enjoying the serenity of a camp fire, sleeping under the stars, stunning scenery – filled bushwalks and spending quality time together as a group. This has been amazing!

Sunday 2/12/2018 picnic and golf day.

Burnt Offerings

Those attending the Victor Harbor Lutheran annual picnic were given a graphic reminder of the QLD bushfires when the BBQ suddenly had more heat available than was expected.


Golfing picnic day at Ashbourne.

Members of the congregation and family, enjoying the day. Some played golf while many just relaxed in the pleasant picnic area.

Encounter Lutheran College May 27 2018, Ntaria NT Mission Trip